9 thoughts on “First Post”

  1. Congratulations on my being my first commenter! I’m sorry, but there is no prize for that.

    I have thought about writing some posts, but I’m not certain that I have the ideas or the energy to do it very often. If I do, I will probably start by “reviewing” pieces from other blogs or pages.


  2. Thank you for your comments on that whiny divorce blog. Matt enjoys having his ass kissed and I applaud you for calling him out on his bullshit. That blog is catnip for hurt women. He’s pathetic, giving out marriage and relationship advice when his wife left him and he can’t get at date.

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  3. I appreciate your kind thoughts about my comments. I am unaware if I have a way to “unlike” your unintended “like”. But I think you can “unlike” it by clicking on the star to the left of the “like” again. In other words, it’s a toggle. Presumably, this is so someone can remove an accidental “like”.

    As you can see, I am not writing posts on my blog. I have considered it but, so far, I have not been motivated enough, or I’m just afraid to try.


  4. Well, I’m trying to respond to your reply to me on Insanity’s post – so I’ll do it here 🙂 I agree with you totally! I have another post that addresses that as well – Since I write books, I insert “snippets” to drive readership before publication – And comments like yours help! 🙂 None the less, you can search my blog for further stories to this effect – but you are right, I must address the entire precepts as I go along (without divulging too much of the book, LOL).
    Thank you again!


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